Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Julia!

Today is Julia’s 4th birthday!   We sent her a “birthday party in a box” care package and our agency arranged for the orphanage to have a celebration for her.  

They also scheduled to have a cake  brought in for her.  It’s traditional for the caregivers to put dots of icing on the birthday girl’s face and take her picture- silly, but adorable.  We’re hoping they’ll send pictures of the fun time!

We had our own celebration at home which included Chinese food, of course (here are our fortunes),

a panda cake that the kids made,

and lot’s of “this time next year” statements.  It was fun to celebrate her little life and dream of what lies ahead for all of us.

Of course, on this day we’re not the only ones celebrating this little girl.  While we celebrate with hope and anticipation, her birth mom in China no doubt celebrates with hope and longing.  Julia was three weeks old when she was found in a very safe, public place with a special keepsake tucked in with her, so we can only imagine the love and heartbreak that her mother felt when she had to part with her.  We hope that somehow she will know in her heart that her little girl will be loved and celebrated each day of her life.  We pray that one day we will meet her in heaven and be given the opportunity to present her beautiful daughter to her.  Until then, we’ll try to be faithful to teach Julia about Jesus and to find her hope in Him.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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