Saturday, May 12, 2012


One of the most unexpected treasures that has come out of this adoption journey is the friendship of other adoptive moms.  It’s amazing how close you can get to someone when you share the same emotional ups and downs that are common to this process, even if you’ve never met them in person.  Emily is one of those friends.  
This past week when she went to bring her beautiful daughter Mackenzie home, she took along some treats and stickers from us for Julia and spent some time visiting with her.  She took tons of pictures and several videos and she gave us a first-hand report on our daughter.  Her words and images are by far some of the most valuable treasures we’ve ever received!  Here is her description of Julia and their time together-
“I got to spend about an hour with Julia!!!!  She is ABSOLUTELY adorable Karen.  I am so in love with your precious little girl.  She is the teeniest tiniest peanut of a thing.  Julia is definitely in 12 month clothing.
She is very petite, but her body seems very proportionate and healthy.  

When I arrived, Julia was in preschool watching a children's movie.  The room was dark, but very nicely decorated.  The director called for Yaya, and she came right over and we went out to the hallway.  I gave Julia the puffs and she ate them.  She wanted the jar, so I handed it to her and she tucked it under her nubbin.  She ate a few and then the jar fell to the ground.  She looked very scared, but I smiled and said, "uh oh" and then Mackenzie said, "uh oh" and we all laughed.  She looked very relieved.  I told her that her Mama was coming and she looked at me and blew me a kiss.  
She is very smart and was speaking to the director in sentences.  Her voice is too too cute.  I asked to see her room, and the director had her take me there.  Karen, her walk has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She was very happy to show me her crib and her room.  Her nannies were there and they seemed to love her very much.  She was standing over by them and kept turning her back from me but I just kept taking photos of her precious! 
One thing you will notice about these little ones is that they are very stoic.  But once you engage them oh my word...they are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  Julia came out into the hall with us very easily.  She was not sad or scared.  She looked serious and a bit confused as I oo'ed and aaahhh'ed over her, but she tolerated me.  I think in one of the videos you will see Mackenzie try to pull Julia's rubber band out of her hair.  Julia shouted at her, and made us all laugh.  She then gave Mackenzie the stink eye.  So cute!  She has a HUGE personality and I know my words are barely doing it justice.  Julia was a ham for us.  And wait until you see her yell at Mackenzie for taking a page of stickers.  Then Mackenzie tried to give it back and she refused it, so Mackenzie threw it at her...they are both little divas for sure :-)   Hoping the wifi in GZ is much better because I am DYING to show it to you!!!!!  Oh, and the walking video too...she waddles like a little will be so in love the moment you see it...I know I was.  Of course, you are already madly in love, but this will put you over the top!!!! ”

Thank you, Emily, for this wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

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  1. Karen, you have been such a blessing to me along this adoption journey. Your prayers and concern for my family has gotten me through some very scary, dark moments before and during our time in China. It was my absolute pleasure to meet Julia in the orphanage, and I CANNOT wait until I get to see her again on USA soil. I will be glued to the computer when you get your turn to come to China. Even after all I have been through Mackenzie's illnesses, this has been one of the best weeks of my life so far. Get excited...your time is near!!!!